Freight Payment & Audit System

The Freight Payment and Audit (FP+A) system is designed to automate the freight invoice auditing process on behalf of the shippers. It is an integrated platform that collates, audits, reconciles, analyses shipping-related charges, and provides decision criteria for payment.

What does it offer?

  • Shipment contract rates management
  • Customizable shipping charges formula
  • Automated freight invoice audit engine
  • Exception management allows various automated notifications and alerts
  • Debit and Credit note management allowing full reconciliation of any exceptions
  • A platform to capture shipment-related data such as delivery orders, invoice, debit note and credit notes
  • In-depth freight spends analysis based on various invoice cost components
  • Configurable data file template to support various customer / LSP enterprise systems
  • Built-in electronic integration capabilities ensure seamless exchange of data in a secure and reliable manner
  • User access management to data level via Role-Based access controls (RBAC)
  • Secure cloud-based access allows system capacity to scale as the business expands
  • Multilingual and localised user interfaces

How does it benefit our clients?

  • Eliminate data errors and multiple document handling
  • Cost saving by identifying duplicate charges and over charges
  • Electronic archival of documents
  • Automated Cost Allocation to appropriate cost centers
  • Improved data analysis allows shipper to efficiently handle service providers and lanes
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