Rates-Wise Load Manager

The Rates Wise-Load Manager (RWM) is designed to manage the complex and ever-changing rates through seamless integration to CargoWise by eliminating manual input and minimizing keystroke error.

What does it offer?

  • Readily available standard template for rates data collection
  • Convert rates data to CargoWise Native XML format
  • Rates data validation
  • Electronic exception notification alert for rates data error
  • Allow local/global rates data upload

How does it benefit our clients?

Remove time consuming manual processes for individual rate update

Build fast, accurate quotes for your customers

Centralized rate management by taking rates from chaos to control

Save costs on managing multiple types of quotes

Who will want it?

3PL and Supply Chain Management providers with a regular update and maintenance requirements on quotations offered to their customers and from their carriers and service providers.

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