Revenue Maximization Solutions

The Revenue Maximization Solutions (RMS+) is designed to be an integrated platform providing revenue clarity and performance monitoring. RMS+ system provides end-to-end shipment visibility by integrating data from the shipper and multiple logistics service providers onto a single platform.

What does it offer?

  • Real-time shipment revenue visibility and performance status via integrated dashboards
  • Actionable dashboard to empower proactive shipment escalations
  • Automated exceptions notification
  • Master data and shipment data management via web interface, data uploads or EDI
  • Configurable shipment data template to support a range of enterprise systems
  • Built-in electronic integration capabilities to ensure seamless exchange of data in a secure and reliable manner
  • Business Rules Engine to perform data cleansing and data transformation
  • User access management up to data level via Role-Based access controls (RBAC)
  • Secure cloud-based access to allow system capacity to scale as the business expands
  • Multilingual and localised user interfaces

How does it benefit our clients?

  • Increased revenues through targeted approach
  • Improved salesperson performance
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved shipment performance by enhancing shipment visibility and escalation process
  • Maximise cost savings with heightened productivity and efficiency
  • Accessed to the “Single version of the truth” information via the integrated dashboard

Who will want it?

Shippers across all industries with one or more logistic service providers managing their shipments will benefit from the RMS+ integrated solutions. Once fully implemented, RMS+ will benefit the shippers by:


  • Better management of the company top-line through real-time shipment revenue visibility
  • Deeper business insights via visual dashboards
  • Improved customer satisfaction as shipment turnaround time reduces
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